Annual Maintenance Contract

We provide both comprehensive and non-comprehensive annual maintenance contracts to accommodate the various needs and financial constraints of our customers. Our service package includes a variety of air conditioning systems, such as split air conditioners, ducted air conditioners, and large package units.

Our Annual Maintenance Contract Proactive or Regular Maintenance Plan makes sure that your air conditioners are in good working order all year long. Throughout the duration of the contract, we perform both major and minor services on both indoor and outdoor units. Our reach extends to, but is not restricted to:

Cleaning of indoor and outdoor units, air filters, indoor coil and condenser coils to ensure better indoor air quality

Checking in Annual Maintenance Contract have advance for unusual noises or issues, a lack of refrigerants, the suction and discharge pressure of compressors, the operation of fan motors, the loosening of power and control cables, any obstructions in the drier core, etc.