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We have been part of Dubai’s infrastructural landscape since 1993 and through our dedicated efforts, we are today one of the most sought-after service and maintenance providers in the city. Our commitment to providing different types of MEP services with honesty, integrity, and accountability has always been unwavering.

Whether it is a simple AC servicing and maintenance, or a comprehensive annual maintenance contract, Al Imran Technical Services has always stood beside some of the more esteemed companies in Dubai.

Born Out of Passion, and Not Fashion

Since 1993, our sights were set steadily on becoming a unique service provider that focused more on the quality of service rather than the fancy jargon. Our passion to deliver the best possible maintenance, repair, and installation services across Dubai has been forged in this same ideology. Over the years, we at Al Imran Technical Services, have developed our expertise in services such as –

  • AC Services – Repair, Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Handyman Services
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

You will be surprised to learn that despite being intensively focused on customer satisfaction, we are also highly aware of emerging industry trends. Our goal has always been to keep track of innovative trends in the industry and embrace them, only to enhance the quality of our services.

our Mission

At Al Imran Technical Services, we see the world as a barren land to leave our mark of excellence. This is what we follow through with every client/customer leaving them with nothing but satisfaction and admiration for our services. We realise our mission each day on each project where we strive to demonstrate impeccable workmanship through the seasoned hands of our experienced technicians. Hence, our end goal is to set the industry standard in Dubai for uncompromising quality, timely completion, and that too at affordable rates.

our objectives

At Al Imran Technical Services, we have developed a strategic modus operandi with which we deliver our expert engineering, servicing, and maintenance solutions to customers across Dubai.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Our dream is to achieve a level of excellence in the UAE that is above all other contractors in the region. We hope to achieve this goal with the help of our highly talented and immensely qualified team of technicians, designers, engineers, procurement experts, and customer support staff. Our team at Al Imran Technical Services is aware that it is only with teamwork that we can make this dream work. Hence, we are guided by the principles of:

Safety and Satisfaction above all
Concreteness in calibre
Quality in products and services
Punctuality in turnaround times
Competitiveness in pricing

Our Specialisations

For more than 2 decades, we have gained hands-on experience in Dubai by successfully completing small-scale residential projects and commercial mega-projects. As a result of this, we have developed a specific niche of specialisation.

Home Maintenance

Moreover, we have highly trained technicians and service personnel who can guarantee you the best possible service experience. Through our decades of experience operating in Dubai, we now provide our maintenance services for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Be it Mechanical, Engineering, or Plumbing (MEP), our decades of expertise enable us to provide you with the most reliable contracting services across Dubai. We have also recruited the best of the best in this niche and have expanded our portfolio of specialisation to –

AC Service & Installation

Duct Cleaning

Electrical Repair & Maintenance Work

Plumbing Repair & Maintenance Work

Why work with us?

Al Imran Technical Services is your strongest defense against an AC breakdown and one of leading the air conditioning service experts. Delivering a variety of services for residential customers as well as commercial clients, we make sure that your residences, workplaces, and retail locations are comfortable even during the warmest months of the year.

✔ By performing routine ac performance monitoring, you can keep your air conditioner operational.

✔ 24 hour in-field ac maintenance teams provide on-time servicing.

✔ A practical choice that outperforms all high-quality ac service providers in Dubai

✔ Warranty on replacement components and work we perform

✔ After servicing, our annual maintenance contract offers flexible payment options and a long-term AMC Contract at a low cost to the client

Choose Us For Assured Customer

Certified and Experienced Team
Our team of mechanical engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and others are not just qualified, but also industry certified. We recruit only the most desirable talent in the industry to provide you with assured satisfaction for our services.
Affordable Rates in Dubai
We also understand that repair and maintenance work often has a constricted budget. As a result, our rates are highly competitive and are sure to provide you with the best value for money.
24/7 Customer Support
Always anticipating obstacles in maintenance, repair, and service is often impractical. Hence, our hands-on customer support team is available to help 24/7 in such situations. With the dedicated support of our team, you need not worry about any obstacles during service.
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We Work With the Best to Be the Best

We constantly strive to be the best in the UAE and firmly believe in our credibility and capability. Moreover, our credibility and reliability should not be taken at face value but can be proven by our success in past projects. We have worked with some of the biggest corporations in the UAE such as –

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